Why does Social Media Marketing have so much importance?

And why so many web businesses miss out on these simple oportunities to advertise on the web.

Command Attention on Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) combined with keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) pointing to your website landing page is not for every audience, service, or product, but it can be very effective advertising ROI in terms of what one spends on Google Adwords or traditional advertising. It is not gaming the system so much as using the system the way it was intended to be used.

How Long Does SMM Take to Start Delivering Leads?

6 months is considered by most in the industry to be the minimum amount of time to give a fair trial to the effectiveness of an SMM Campaign, based on who we understand the target audience to be. We offer a package deal for setting up all social media pages, making the images all conform to the platform, and will help you write and submit your business and product descriptions to the sites based on keyword research and SEO we put into your website, landing pages and social media pages for maximum ROI. To do the keyword and market research to set up a campaign across all social media for a given product or service is $1000, then $300/month minimum to do the research and weekly postings relevant to your target market. You can review them before posting, or we can post them directly, without the review step.

Get New Customers the most Effective Way

Cultivating an opt-in list for email campaigns makes your marketing that much more effective - like shooting fish in a barrel compared to in the ocean. A prospect email list using video and marketing automation will yield years of targeted marketing opportunities for your company and affiliates. You will be glad you have a list of prospects ready when you are ready to use it! Producing one short, well produced video series can bring hundreds of email signups immediately using our marketing automation tools and procedures.

We Use Video Because it Commands Attention

Video is the most powerful engagement tool on the web. People can see videos of your products being used in beautiful ways, as well as how they should be used properly. Video can engage with a tutorial, customer interviews, or with video demonstrations on your products or a relevant topic of interest. We provide the tools and expertise to optimize your website for serving the qualified customers you need most!

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1. It all starts with your Website

With DrumBeat SEO we provide the tools and expertise to optimize your website for serving the customers you serve best! It's as simple as that. Get your products and product videos found by letting DrumBeat Marketing by WSW3 work with you on the finer points of designing a long-term SEO Video strategy to bring more qualified customers to your website!

2. Know who Links to You

Real web authority is almost entirely determined by who links to your website, both from other websites, and on social media pages, business directories, and anywhere on the public internet. Our White Hat SEO techniques involve promoting links and content most relevant to your target market. This maintains your brand's relevance in their minds when the time to purchase comes!

3. Regular Posting is Vital to Success

Sure, the forumla is easy to understand but impossible for most non marketing professionals to follow. Post regularly, up to 5 times a day to Twitter, twice a day to Facebook and up to 2 per day to Instgram or LinkedIn. DrumBeat Marketing by WSW3 can help push your brand's relevance, with engaging videos and timely reminders of unique or money-saving opportunities.

4. Quality Content Brings Quality Visitors

The more quality content your website has, the more relevance it is considered to have by Google, Moz, and other companies involved in analyzing website metrics. Without a doubt, content remains king when it comes to websites. And no content consistently scores better than professional looking, custom videos.

5. Social Media Determines Your Web Authority

While video engages, social media distributes like no other channels of information to affluent consumers. Your customers.

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